Case Study - Tynetec
Since 1979, the growth of Tynetec has mirrored the advances which have taken place in the telecare & access control industries.

Over the years Tynetec has acquired a track record for consistent innovation and has also been a firm supporter of standards within the telecare industry.

In 2007, the Assisted Living Innovation Platform was announced as one of the first priorities for the Technology Strategy Board.

ALIP has been designed to deliver a wide ranging programme to enable the ageing population and those with long-term health conditions to live with greater independence.

The first call for ALIP was announced in 2008 and S2S developed a successful 1 million pound bid for Tynetec, one of only 9 approved projects in the country.

Tynetec, in partnership with four health organisations, will lead an innovative research project to evaluate the potential benefits of proactive preventative telecare and telehealth systems.

The project goal is to highlight early intervention opportunities, to reduce care home and hospital admissions, whilst increasing patient and carer confidence.

Tynetec will work with Aid Call, Darlington Borough Council, Intrahealth Limited and Your Homes Newcastle.