Case Study - Cels
Cels (The Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences Ltd) is partly funded by the regional development agency One North East to drive the growth of the healthcare and life sciences economy of North East England. Cels is committed to developing scientific enterprise through the development and commercialisation of new technology, innovations and the exploitation of new and emerging market opportunities.

In 2006, Cels engaged S2S to lead research into Assistive Technology and Independent Living in response to the opportunities that our ageing population offer to companies in the North East. S2S undertook desk research and interviews across industry, academia and the public sector and produced the report “Technology to Support the Ageing Global Population 2007 to 2027” which has been disseminated globally.

Following our research assignment, we undertook a number of other projects including securing a multi-million pound national project with the Technology Strategy Board working with O2 Telefonica, Trackaphone Limited, The Essentia Group, Newcastle City Council, Hull City Council, The Scottish Centre for Telehealth, The Northern Rock Foundation, The Quality of Life Partnership and Northumbria University.